Safeguarding & Child Protection



The emotional, physical and spiritual safety, well-being and dignity of children is an integral part of the teachings and values of the Catholic Church.

Our parish is wholly committed to ensuring the safety, well-being and dignity of all children, and acknowledges its important legal, moral and spiritual responsibility to create a safe and nurturing environment for those children.

The community has very clear expectations in matters relating to child protection and expects children will be protected from all forms of harm including sexual, physical and psychological harm, ill treatment and neglect.

Our parish supports these expectations and strives to promote the safety and protection of children and other vulnerable persons in its care

We will also focus on the professional integrity of clergy and church workers and all those engaged in activities involving children and the vulnerable.

  • Our parish priest and all priests who minister in our parish have completed the Level One, Level Two and Level Three Safeguarding Training/Seminars run by the Safeguarding Ministerial Integrity Office of the Sydney Archdiocese.
  • All other employees of our parish have completed the Level One Safeguarding Induction Training run by the Safeguarding Ministerial Integrity Office of the Sydney Archdiocese.
  • We have a Parish Safeguarding Support Officer (PSSO). If you wish to contact PSSO, please do so via the Parish Office.
  • Ms Jenny Hodges is also undergoing the training to be a Parish Safeguarding Support Officer and will be completing her training soon.
  • More than 90% of our volunteers have completed the Safeguarding Induction/Awareness Training run by our Parish Safeguarding Support Officer.
  • The priests, employees and volunteers at Holy Spirit Parish have a current Working with Children Check verified by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian.
  • All the priests, employees and volunteers of our parish have signed a Code of Conduct for Working with Children and Young People.
  • Risk assessments and mitigation have been conducted for all parish activities involving children and young people.
  • All new volunteers are required to undertake the required training and checks, prior to their appointment in their respective ministries.

For further information or If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the Parish Priest, the Parish Safeguarding Support Officer or any member of the Holy Spirit Parish Pastoral Team – T 02 9888 2569 E [email protected]

Alternatively, for further support and advice you could contact the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Safeguarding Team at:

More Information, Forms and Online Training